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Have you or a loved one been charged with DWI? If so, this is a very serious offense and action should be taken immediately to protect your rights.

Clients First

At Lukach Law, P.C., we are ready to help. We know all too well the hardship and stress that is associated with an arrest for drinking and driving. We will work side by side with you from the beginning to the disposition of your case.

Assertive Defense

Lukach Law, P.C., is NOT a “general practice” law firm. We strive to be the premier drunk driving defense lawyer, and focus on all forms of New Jersey DWI Defense.


Mr. Lukach, a highly-qualified criminal defense attorney specializing in driving while intoxicated cases, personally appears at every court hearing and has been practicing alcohol related law for several years.

Aggressive DWI Defense

Being arrested for DWI in the state of New Jersey can have some serious consequences. It is important to find the best DWI attorney in NJ when that need arises, and the team at Lukach Law will vigorously fight for your rights. Even if you supplied a breath sample above the legal limit, it doesn’t mean that you are guilty! It’s important to hire a criminal attorney who specializes in drunk driving defense. If you are in a car accident, you want a personal injury attorney, but if you’re charged with a DWI in New Jersey, you want an attorney who concentrates in that area of law. Rest assured that Mr. Lukach will work diligently to defend your case from every angle possible, even if you have a drug related DWI!!

Usually, the first reaction our clients have when facing DWI charges is fear. Not understanding the DWI laws in New Jersey can instantly cause panic, and understanding how the legal process works will help tremendously. We take the time to explain all of the options available, and will explain in detail what you can expect over the next several months. We will walk with you through the entire legal process, and explain what to expect along the way. We understand this process is going to be difficult, but we will provide you with a clear understanding to make you feel more comfortable.

We start by getting every detail of the DWI arrest, from the stop, to the field sobriety test, to the request for a breath, blood or urine sample, or even the details if you refused the testing. Each detail will help us strategize our defense to provide you with the best possible results. We are going to put our years of criminal defense experience behind you, and fight for your legal rights. We focus on DWI defense in NJ for a reason, because we are extremely good at obtaining the best possible outcome for our clients. We know when to fight vigorously in the court of law, and are ready to do this for you.

Unfortunately, you do need to move quickly when it comes to your defense of a DWI charge in the state of New Jersey. We will help you take the necessary actions immediately to defend your rights. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation, so you can have the best possible chance of fighting these charges.